We are pleased to announce that we have completed a ecommerce project from domian registration to accepting orders online in just two days, and already the website for maternity sportswear is heading up Google page rank – page three and rising as we type. 



After our initial discussions with the client (a referral – Thank you Avatar Recruitment), we researched and registered domann names, set up hosting and mailboxes, created a Google account which their email addresses were then linked to, followed by setting up analytics and verifying the domain. After receiving a spreadsheet from the client containing stock list, codes and quantities, we then got to wok on the website. Items were all added into the ecommerce system which will manage stock levels and process orders safely and securely via Paypal. Facebook and Twitter were integrated together with a contact form, terms & conditions, delivery and sizing info – we even posted their first two news articles to get them up and running.



One Response to eCommerce site live in two days

  1. Wow… I needed a website that was optimised and offered a good customer experience too.

    Mark really listened to what I wanted for my site and gave advice on optimisation, integration to all of my social media and how we could offer the best experience for my customers.

    Within two days, we had a fantastic user friendly, site, thats fully integrated with all of our social media and I have access to my email accounts and analytics all in the same place.

    Our search engine rank has and is still rising – all in a couple of days… fantastic

    Mark, I can’t thank you enough for doing such a brilliant job.