The Times, They Are A Changin’..

Developments in technology have such an effect on the way business gets conducted, it changes commerce forever. Whereas once upon a time business was extremely localised, postal services and telephones have both had such an profound impact that companies simply could not have afforded to ignore them.

Business has now entered an exciting new phase where many new innovations are readily available. As a business decision maker, you have to be sure that the path you take your business down is not a dead end. Remember Betamax video recorders? Laserdiscs? Back the wrong technology at your peril.

The web has made every business, yours and your competitors, a potential global player. Print has changed from the days of expensive, large runs to small, competitive runs with many companies now able to print glossy full colour literature in house. Email has not only changed communication, it has also changed language and the formalities in which they are used.

Modern school leavers will not be able to set out a standard business letter, most of them will never need to.

How Does This Affect My Business?

If you don’t know the answer, you need to be talking to us. We can look at your existing practices and guide you on where time and money can be saved and effectiveness can be increased

At Clever Thinking Media, we understand that it is becoming increasingly harder to cover all bases when undertaking any media communications, re branding or website strategies.

Getting Clever Thinking Media involved as early in the process can save your business time, money and embarrassment.

Business at start-up? we can take a look at the market you are aiming to make an impact in, and advise on how to make that impact a positive one, as well as making sure that you have all the relevant issues addressed and planned for.

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