E Newsletters: Communicating With Your Customers

There’s no longer any question to whether permission-based direct e-mail marketing works. Many years of research and testing have proved it’s the most cost-effective mass media channel any business can implement. It’s faster, cheaper and quite possibly more effective than nearly any other form of marketing or advertising. Recent surveys suggest 30% of e-customers made their first transaction through a promotion.

This form of marketing allows you to communicate directly to targeted audiences. eNewsletters are an ideal method of communication with prospective clients with sales information, announcements, news updates and industry insights.

While an average Direct Mail campaign cycle is around 3 months, an e-mail campaign can be completed in just 3 days, and the material can be optimised during the course of the campaign. Responses are also quicker, most action taken as a result of an email happens within 24 hours.

From page layouts and copywriting to emailing and list management, we ensure your eNewsletter meets all your requirements and is delivered on time and on budget.

E Cards:

What better way to send event invitations or Christmas cards in this modern age than via the web.  Animation, caricatures and illustration are just some of the features that we can provide.

At Clever Thinking Media, we can design, develop and distribute your eCards.