Are You Syndicating?

Here are some reasons why you really should be:

  • RSS streamlines communication between the publishers and readers making it easier for the subscriber to receive your content.
  • RSS gives the subscriber the ability to Opt-In to the feeds they are interested in and the ability to Opt-Out if they wish through there RSS reader just like an auto-responder.
  • You don’t have to maintain an RSS feed. This is a great time saver for the busy marketer because RSS is a great communication supplement that doesn’t burden the publisher with having to maintain a “List” or having to follow strict privacy rules.
  • You have the ability to Syndicate your content. This is where the TRUE power of RSS comes into play because RSS gives you the ability to Syndicate your content to your subscribers and website owners in an INSTANT giving your content the exposure it deserves.
  • RSS gives you the ability to broadcast your Sales message and Specials to a wider audience in less time it would take to set-up an email broadcast.
  • No filters to worry about. This is the next best feature to RSS feeds because you don’t have to worry about your message being passed through some email filter.
  • By using RSS, your message gets delivered to 100% of your subscribers.
  • By publishing your own RSS feed your establishing yourself as an expert in the eyes of your readers as someone who knows his/her industry which will build “Trust”.
  • Multiple ways to read your feed. RSS is very versatile because it allows you to view the feed in many different media platforms. Some examples are, Browser Based readers, Software Based readers, and the ability to view feeds on different operating systems like windows and mac.
  • Free and Easy site promotion. RSS is a great way to get free traffic to your website without the need of spending money on advertising.

RSS – Internet technology at its best.